12 months of Sadie fundraiser

I've made a calendar all about Sadie.  It was good to look back at old pictures and remember what it used to be like.  And it was good to remember how far we've come.

We are raising as much money as we can right now for Hippotherapy.  6 lessons cost almost $200, and it's at least a 45 minute drive, which adds up when you're buying gas.  I'd like to fund Sadie through the entire season (October-April...too hot in the summer). And if possible, have enough to fund her for next year too!

I've included some pages here for preview.  Wasn't she such a cute baby?  Now she is such a big girl.

If you'd like to order a calendar, the suggested donation is $12.  You can donate by clicking the button below and sending money safely through paypal.  Make sure your address is correct if you'll be expecting a calendar in the mail.  And if there are any specific instructions, like "bring mine to church" or "you can just give it to me next time you see me" please say so.

Oh, and one more thing.  If you're planning to come to the garage sale on September 21, we'll have the calendars available there too...no paypal required!!

Thanks!  I hope you enjoy your 12 months of Sadie!

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