Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We really are blessed

Listening to K-Love (Christian radio station) always reminds me of how blessed I am. They are constantly sharing people's stories of how God has blessed them. One of these days I will call in or write and tell them about Sadie. I have this desire to share her story with the world...and I realized tonight that it's because she is a HUGE blessing. So what if she's almost 16 months old and she can't sit independently or talk or actually reach her mouth with her hands? She can do so much more: She can light up a room with her smile. She can make women everywhere jealous of her eyelashes (even perfect strangers comment on how long they are). She can inspire hope like I've never felt before. She can make my heart feel like it's going to burst when I see her sleeping. She can do SO MUCH MORE than anyone ever thought!

This week we're trying out Ryan House for the first time. I stayed there the first 24 hours and tried REALLY hard (mostly unsuccessfully) to let the nurses and volunteers take care of her. But I found myself talking so much about her and telling anyone who would listen our story. It still brings me to tears thinking of that day we prepared ourselves to say goodbye. And I never get over how amazing it is that she's made it so far.

We've had the same nurse for 2 days now, and I found myself getting deeper and deeper into our story. I started telling her about our blog. And just vocalizing how many people love us, telling her about how quickly we raised $500 for Sadie to get an ipad (that check came in the mail today, by the way), explaining that people who are friends or relatives of people we don't even know pray for us, read our blog, send encouraging messages, really reminded me that we are blessed. I was remembering how much support we received right off the bat, how I finally came up with the idea to start the blog, and make a facebook page for it because everybody wanted to "friend" me and I had all these random people reading my posts about things that had NOTHING to do with Sadie! We've sure come a long way.

We are blessed. Sadie is beautiful. Sadie brings beauty to so many others. Sadie has taught me about love, about sacrifice, about hopes and dreams. I am not a supermom and I will never think that I am, but I am a lot stronger than I was before Sadie entered our lives. Every once in a while, I need K-Love to remind me that the reason this blog is called Beck Family Blessings is because it is about blessings. It's about thanking God for what He's blessed us with, and finding the good and the encouraging and the positive even in the hardest and most trying situations.

And so I leave you with a song by Chris Tomlin. I hope that it inspires you to think about your blessings and who is really responsible for them. To God be the glory.

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