Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The End of Beck Family Blessings

I know some people have been wondering where I've been...not blogging, obviously!!

Life just has been way more busy than I was expecting with 2 children!  Ezra is a lot of work now that he's crawling...and I am going to work full-time this year now that Sadie's in school (she's going to ride the bus!!).

It's not that I don't think about blogging, it's just that most days I don't even turn on my computer...especially now that I have an iPhone!  When I'm done working, I have to feed someone, nurse someone, dispense medicine on time, make dinner, put everyone to bed, and then often grade some more papers.  Sadly, there is just no time for blogging anymore.

But don't worry!!  You can still keep tabs on my family and how Sadie's doing on tumblr at specialneedssuperstar.tumblr.com, so make sure you bookmark that!!  Tumblr is just another blogging site, but it better fits my changing needs.  I can post more pictures and videos, and I can do it all from my phone...which means while waiting at the doctor's office, or during my lunch break, or while I'm in a meeting.

I have enjoyed this part of my blogging life, but it's time to move on...so I hope you move on with me!

See you on Tumblr.

aka. Beck Baby Mama

PS. Sadie had her hip surgery June 24th and it's been a rough road.  She's doing okay, but she's uncomfortable and screamy...which is making me uncomfortable and screamy.  But we have new help and she's awesome, so we'll get through it!!

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  1. I will miss your blog but totally understand!! Enjoy that wonderful family of yours :) From My family... Shannon, Dan, Abbey, Blake and Izzy