Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mommy's helper

As you know, I have a baby who is high maintenance so I don't get a lot done during the day. (One of Sadie's therapy goals is to sleep unassisted, this will help) I spend most of the day sitting on the couch, holding Sadie, nursing, or bouncing (we need to figure out how to make the bouncer bounce itself). I think there is a permanent indentation in the couch that's the shape of my butt. This is also why I'm on the internet all day. I've discovered blogging, crossword puzzles, slingo, and of course there's always facebook to entertain me! But my house is a filthy mess, like embarrassingly so. And whenever I get an ounce of time to myself, I want to sew, shower, or eat...not scrub toilets.

Enter Charlotte. Charlotte was a student of mine when she was in 7th grade, then again in 8th grade (I taught an advanced reading class of 8th graders who were tested at reading at a 10th grade level, Charlotte is one of those "smart kids"). She always helped me with grading and cleaning my classroom and would get me an extra banana with her breakfast so I had a snack on prep. She's a good kid, and the only one of my students who's bothered to keep in touch (although for some reason Lobo's mom emails and texts me all the time!). So, naturally I thought of her when someone suggested hiring a high schooler to help clean my house. She was happy to help, agreed to do it for the amount I told her I'd pay her, and school's out now so her schedule was wide open.

Monday evening Charlotte came over to mostly hang out, but also to hold Sadie while I taught swimming lessons. Then she stayed and we ate dinner and caught up. She's a good kid (did I say that already?). Now she's over here mopping my floors. She's already cleaned my kitchen, and next I'm gonna have her dust. I'm so thankful she's willing to help, and even do it with a smile on her face!!

Thanks, Charlotte!

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  1. Charlotte StaffordJune 16, 2010 at 11:24 PM

    lol. Ms Beck awww hehehe didnt know i was a "smart kid" jk really it was a 10th grade clas? wow where have i been.... thanks for this piece [blog] that you wrote...