Tuesday, June 22, 2010

to my husband on our anniversary

Dear Brian,

You are the love of my life and I can't imagine living without you. Sometimes people say that someone "completes" them, and they are being trite, but when I say that you complete me, I mean it. When I am down, you brighten my day. When I don't hold my tongue and sometimes what comes out of my mouth isn't nice, you turn it into a joke. When I'm frustrated with Sadie, you step in to relieve me. You remind me to be prudent with our money, with my calories, and with my time. You show me you care, not by buying me things and spoiling me, but my complimenting me, by hugging me, and by spending time with me.

I love that we can have conversations about anything, no matter how absurd. You listen to me complain about students in my class and their ignorant parents...I listen to you complain about TSA (EVERYtime you fly!!). I can tell you about my good days, my bad days, text you each time Sadie poops, and you care about every little detail (that must be why you ask so many questions!). You can tell me I'm being irrational and stupid and that you love me all in the same breath, and even though sometimes it hurts to hear it, I am thankful that you say these things, and protect me from myself.

Sometimes I lie awake in the night and wonder how I got so lucky to marry someone like you. There is NOBODY who doesn't like you. You are such a wonderful person, and you chose to spend your life with me. You, who paid off my credit cards with your hard-earned money, helped me when I had foot surgery, flew with me TWICE to visit my dad, and literally carried me while I was disgusting and having a baby. You are a good man. And you are a good dad, I can't wait to see your relationship blossom with Sadie as she grows.

When we got married, we said the words "for better or for worse," but nobody expects the worst. This year we have had many struggles that have brought us closer together, things we never thought we'd face, decisions nobody should ever have to make, yet you stood by me while I cried over my baby, and you even cried with me. You reminded me that no matter what happens you love me. I love you for being such a great man, a strong man in the face of tragedy. I love you for showing me how to love unconditionally. It's been 3 years since our wedding day, and I have loved every minute of it. You are my soulmate, my significant other, my husband, and I look forward to many many more years with you.


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  1. That is so sweet. I can see that you guys really love each other. Sadie is blessed to have you guys as parents!