Thursday, December 23, 2010

My first 10K

Once again, I'm behind...I ran a 10K on December 4th, almost 3 weeks ago. 10K is 6.2 miles and I had never run that far until that day. It was good for me, boosted my confidence.

It was a cold morning and I actually went in the bathroom and put my hands under the dryer to warm them up! And I did a lot of walking around, trying to stretch and stay warm. I was by myself, Brian promised that he and Sadie would meet me at the finish line. By the time the race started, it warmed up a little, but I still ran the whole way in pants and long sleeves.

The course was NOT flat, there were 2 hills and I had to run through gravel. One lady was running with a stoller and had to walk through the gravel. She and her husband ran with me a lot of the way, but they picked up the pace at the end and ended up way ahead of me. It was all I could do just to finish.

I wanted to stop so badly at the end, but in my head it was silly to quit when I could SEE the finish line! And as I was coming in, there were lots of people cheering me on, so that made me feel good. I think what helped the most though was that every K was marked, and it was an out and back course. So, I could keep track of how far I'd gone, and I could feel how close I was because I'd seen all this before.
Less than a month until I run the half marathon. I am nervous. I don't expect to run the whole thing, my goal is to run 10 miles before I have to walk. And I even kind of think that, depending on how I feel, if I can make it 10 miles, I can psyche myself into a couple more...maybe even 3 more! There's still plenty of time to donate, and in this season of giving, there's no better present you can give than hope to many children like Sadie at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Please consider giving something, no gift is too small.

I will try not to wait so long to tell you about my half marathon!!

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