Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sadie's First Christmas

Sadie and I went to Eugene way before Christmas, December 13th actually. The plan was to spend some time with friends and family, then Brian would join us Christmas Eve and we'd all have a wonderful, happy, Merry Christmas. Flying home on the 29th would then get us back in time for New Year's Eve. It sorta went like that.

This was Sadie's first Christmas, and she slept through most of it (not complaining!). She got some really great presents like a book all about colors, some PlayDough, and a pillow pet. But, mostly she liked the lights on the tree and the crinkly wrapping paper! ...babies are so easy to please!

This is our third year of my Christmas Eve tradition that I force everyone to participate in! The idea is that everyone gets to open one gift on Christmas Eve jammies. THat way when they wake up in the morning, everyone will be in brand new cute jammies for pictures!! Here's Sadie's first Christmas Eve jammies.

Sadie's only cousin, Attilie got the same jammies for Christmas Eve, so on Christmas morning, they were matching...they were also both asleep for most of the present unwrapping!

(we were trying to get Attilie to hug Sadie)

Sadie really enjoyed looking at the Christmas tree. Actually, anywhere we went, she found the Christmas tree. She likes to stare at lights, and big, dark, ominous objects are also interesting. SO, what could be better than a big dark object covered in twinkly lights!

While my brother's family was staying in Eugene, his dog stayed at our house. Her name is Rosa, and I don't like dogs very much, but Rosa makes me sorta want a dog. She is so good, and she loves babies. Sadie also likes Rosa.
My mom gave both the girls matching Christmas dresses. The idea was to have portraits taken, but things got so busy that we could just never find time for that. So, instead we did this...

(See, Attilie does love her cousin!)

Overall, it was a great Christmas! We enjoyed spending time with family and eating lots of chocolate. But, we couldn't help wondering what next Christmas will be like. Will Sadie be sitting? Will she be walking? Will we be traveling with a walker instead of a stroller? Will she be able to open some of her own presents? Will we need a bouncy chair? Oh the possibilities this next year brings!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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