Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear Santa...Love, Sadie

Dear Santa,

I know it's barely March, but I have a special request. I want an ipad. I played with one today during therapy with Nancy and I really liked it. She showed me how if I touch it I can see a bunch of pretty colors, I liked that. It helped me use my vision. Then she showed me all the animals and I got to hear the noises they make. I liked the dog and the kitty, but I especially liked the birds. Nancy showed me a bunch of different birds and I heard how they all sound different. I wanted to touch it so badly and make the animal talk, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get my hand to do what I wanted it to. But, I know that if I had my own ipad I'd learn how to do it really quickly.

Nancy told my mom that it can also be a good communication device and we looked at a bunch of pictures of food. When I'm older, I'll be able to eat things like hamburgers and ice cream, and the ipad will help me communicate to my mom what I would like for lunch and dinner. So, you can see that it's not only to help me, but to help her. And my mommy needs all the help she can get with me, she works very hard all day to make me happy. She does a good job.

Santa, I know ipads are expensive, and I'm not sure you have the right technology in your workshop to make them, but I figure if I ask early, you'll have lots of time to save up for one. I promise I'll be a big girl and eat my food and poop everyday like Mommy and Daddy want me to. I'm sure they've already told you how good I am at sleeping in my bed all night. My mommy makes really good cookies and I will make sure she leaves some out for you on Christmas Eve when you visit our house.

Just in case you need any more convincing, here's a video of me playing with Nancy today with her ipad. You can see how much I like it!

Thank you Santa for reading my letter. I look forward to Christmas, even though it is still 9 months away. By then I won't be a baby anymore, and hopefully I'll be able to sit by myself...maybe even crawl! I can't wait to play with my new ipad!

Love, Sadie


  1. Aww I hope Sadie gets an ipad too! I love the videos of her doing all the things she's learning. What an amazing little girl you have been blessed with. Keep up the good work Sadie!

  2. Sadie, tell you mom to go to this site :)

    Good luck, I think you would be an excellent candidate and your mom is so good at documenting, we could all learn from your experience :)