Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sadie's ipad fundraiser

I read an article today (you can read it here) about ways to get your special needs child an ipad (because insurance won't pay for one) and one of the ideas was to fundraise. I had thought of this before, because of all the people who donated to my marathon to help the Children's Hospital. But it seems weird to ask for money for ourselves. The article made a good point, it said, "you are not begging for money, you are advocating for your child." And then it gave a couple of websites that help people fundraise.

I created a fundraising page for Sadie

Let me back up...a few weeks ago, Sadie got to play with an ipad at therapy. This was her first time being exposed to it, and you could tell she really liked it. (you can see a video of that here) Since then, our speech therapist has brought the ipad for Sadie to play with a couple more times. Just yesterday Nancy (the speech therapist) would touch an animal on the ipad for it to make a sound, then Sadie would touch the same one. Of course she didn't always get the right one because it's still really hard for her to control her arms/hands, but it was amazing to see my daughter actually copying!

A month or so ago we applied for an ipad through a grant provided by Babies with ipads. This blog/website is working and fundraising hard to be able to give special needs children ipads to further their learning and development. We were asked to answer a number of questions about Sadie's needs and how we felt an ipad would benefit her. We didn't win. However, it is sort of bittersweet because friends of ours (that we know from Foundation for Blind Children) did win. I think what Babies with ipads is doing is fantastic and they've already become such a great resource, that any money we happen to raise above and beyond the purchase price of the ipad, I want to donate to Babies with ipads so that they can provide another child with one.

So, if you are interested in helping Sadie buy an ipad, please consider giving. Any amount will help and will be appreciated. And of course frequent blog updates will be included with the ipad purchase!

You can click below to give, or use the widget on the right side of the blog homepage. And don't be too shy to tell your friends and to introduce them to Sadie via this blog! We love telling the world about our biggest blessing!


  1. We just purchased an Ipad2 for our Sophie's birthday. Luckily all of our immediate family donated a portion to her for her birthday! I got it last night and I am so excited to see how she reacts to it. It is definitely THE thing in the HIE world of communication right now.
    Good luck with your fundraising!! FYI There is also the Prayer Child Foundation that grants funds for Ipads. Quite a few moms on a forum I belong to have received one from them.
    Rebecca and Miss Sophie

  2. Good luck with your fundraiser! We bought our son one-he's a little older than your Sadie-and he's definitely intrigued by it. Check out the Apple webpage-you can get a refurbished one for $350. Or even Craigslist, since so many folks are upgrading to the newer version. (I actually used mine this week huddling in the closet during a tornado warning-had his music, songs, cartoons, apps, not to mention checking the weather!)

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