Wednesday, August 10, 2011

18 mos check up

Sadie saw Dr. Wendy today and I think this was our first well baby appointment that didn't involve ANY screaming! We had 16 mos of car screaming and I am SO GLAD we're done with that. Now when we go places I think Sadie actually enjoys being in the car.

Dr. Wendy continues to be impressed with Sadie. Remember, we first met Dr. Wendy in the NICU, so she REALLY knows how far Sadie has come. She looked at Sadie's G-tube and was very impressed with how healthy it looks. She said it might be the best one she's ever seen so fresh. That makes me happy. The thing about Sadie that always amazes me is how healthy she is. She has been sick maybe twice, she heals up from cuts or scrapes and things. She never gets bruises. She is just really healthy.

Sadie got weighed and measured and she's back on her original weight curve, the one she was on when she was born. So, we're really happy about that! And she's in the 75th percentile for height!! So, those of you who comment on how tall she is all the time? You're right! She is long and skinny. Her head is not really growing very fast, but it is making its own curve that is paralleling the normal's just WAY below the charts. It's okay though, we're happy with the head we got and we love every LITTLE bit of it!!

We talked about all the things Sadie is doing. How she can almost sit, and she can get her (left) hand to her mouth. I told her that she is very good at communicating, and that when her mouth doesn't hurt, she can eat 5-6 oz of food (even though she still won't drink)! She sleeps all night, and even though she hasn't since we've been home from the hospital, she has been pretty good about taking naps. She has gotten all her teeth except her fangs (top and bottom) in the last 6 months, so that's been hard...but she looks like such a big girl.

We asked for a prescription to attend PT twice a week, because I feel like Sadie is at a place where she can finally really participate and benefit from therapies. Dr. Wendy was glad to write that. We also talked a little about a Kid-Cart, which is like a wheelchair stroller. I think that's going to be our next big piece of equipment.

Dr. Wendy said as long as GI was keeping an eye on her nutrition and tube and we didn't feel like we needed anything, she'd see us again when Sadie's 2!! Can you believe Sadie's going to be 2 in less than a year?! It seems like just yesterday when we were coming home from the hospital with this bundle that wasn't supposed to make it even a couple of days. Yet, so much has happened and we've come such a long ways that now we're facing 2. Wow.

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