Sunday, August 7, 2011

More 365 project pictures!

bath time on 365 Project
Every night after Sadie's bath, we wrap her up in a hoodie towel and snuggle on her. Sometimes she likes it, sometimes she doesn't...but she ALWAYS looks cute when we do it!
Belly Shot #2 on 365 Project
This was taken the morning we left for the hospital for surgery!
G-tube Pad on 365 Project
Sadie showing off her new button and its pretty pad to keep it healthy. She's still a little sore, and we have to be careful of her belly...but I think it's her teeth that are REALLY bothering her!
Occupational Therapy on 365 Project
Sadie and Jessica played with the ipad during OT this week. I think this is the only therapy Sadie had this week.
Mohawk on 365 Project
I always comb out Sadie's tangles in the tub, even if I don't wash her hair. She has such a fantastic mullet that she could have the ponytail going on on the back with a faux-hawk in the front if we wanted!! It's fun to play with when it's wet!
Food & Wine Magazine on 365 Project
Daddy likes to read Food & Wine magazine because sometimes it has good recipes in it that he wants me to try. Last night, Sadie was "reading" it with him!! He said she really liked the picture of the mom and daughter making cookies together with the KitchenAid mixer...she especially liked it when Daddy explained to her what was going on in the picture. Maybe someday Sadie and I will make cookies together.

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