Friday, February 22, 2013

Dear Ezra - February 2013

Dear Ezra,

It's hard to believe that just over 4 months ago I was still pregnant with you in my belly.  You haven't even been outside my belly as long as you were inside yet!  It's crazy that sometimes it feels like time is going so fast...and sometimes it feels like it's going so slowly!

When we went to your well-check appointment last week, the doctor said she thought she felt a tooth starting to come in!!  This might explain why you're drooling so much and always have your hands in your mouth.  It's crazy to think that you might have teeth soon when your sister didn't get her first tooth until her first birthday.  It's also terrifying because of how hard it was for Sadie to get teeth.  I hope you don't have as hard of a time as she did.  The doctor said she expects to see teeth in your mouth at your 6 month appointment!

I think you're going to be good with words when you grow up.  You love books and you love to "talk."  You seem to be very good at communicating...or maybe, because of your sister and her limitations, I'm just really good at understanding baby talk!  I can tell you love Sadie too.  Today you guys watched Care Bears together and both of you just talked and talked through the movie.  It's okay to like Care Bears, even though Daddy says you should be watching GI Joes.

You're starting to discover toys and how to play with them.  It's so funny to watch you lay under your toy bar and shake shake shake the rattles that are hanging down over you.  You get so excited when you're down there that you wiggle all around.  Sometimes you scoot yourself off the mat and onto the carpet.  Sometimes you spin yourself all the way around so you're facing the other direction.  A few days ago you learned how to roll yourself onto your tummy.  However, you quickly figured out that that wasn't as much fun as being on your back!

I can't believe how cute you are.  I love your little dimples when you smile.  And I love your chubby fat legs.  You look at me when I say your name and it's amazing to see the love for me in your eyes. You are going to be such a loving and cuddly boy, I can tell.  And you are going to be curious, and maybe even a little destructive.  I am sure you're going to be a good talker, and once you start, I doubt you'll ever stop.  You already love the sound of your own voice so much.

I love you so much and I am terrified, and so excited to see who you become as you grow up.  This is what you look like right now...

I know, the chair is pink, but we were at an appointment for Sadie and that's the only one they had.  This picture proves, you're gonna be a lady killer.

Love, Mama

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