Sunday, July 25, 2010

Banana Sits!

Sadie has been practicing her sitting and she is getting close. We figure within a month she'll be sitting up on her own, looking around, plotting her next move.

We make her practice on a constant basis (that is: any time we remember and are on the floor with her and she is not too terrible). She is getting better and better. Earlier today we were outside on the patio and she was sitting on my lap - as I had pinned her legs between mine creating an anchor. She had to use her "sit muscles" nevertheless and the fact she was successful was cause for minor celebration.

This is a somewhat interesting phenomena in the arc of parenthood. We are elated to see developmental milestones yet saddened too. Our little baby is growing up into our little toddler. She's a little slower, many other younger children surpass her in developing, but our solace is that we have the opportunity to enjoy each stage of life a little longer than other parents.

Currently my favorite part of our daily routine, that I am enjoying, is story time. She really likes "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. She especially likes the pictures. The hardest part for me, as most parents perhaps are aware, is continually finding new ways to read the book to my daughter. I can change my cadence and enunciation enough to find out the most effective way to create powerful storytelling.

Also, I can master this quiz now. See how many you can do!

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