Tuesday, July 13, 2010

...out of the mouths of babes

When I was in Oregon last week (wait, 2 weeks ago now! whew how time flies when you're not sleeping!) I spent the 4th of July with my best friend, Anna, and her family. She has 3 boys, Jack-4, Scott-2, and Nathan-3 months. They all have their personality quirks that make them so cute. Jack, being the oldest is the perfectionist. He doesn't want to do anything wrong because he doesn't want to upset or disappoint anyone. And he's blonde. Scott doesn't care what anybody thinks, he's gonna do whatever he wants on his own schedule. And he's cuddly. Nathan makes the funniest faces, you can tell already he's gonna be the funny one :).

This story, though, is about Jack. He is curious about lots of things and is a good question-asker. And often, according to Anna, once he gets his answer he's satisfied and doesn't bring it up again...very mature, especially in this situation...

We were getting ready to walk into downtown Harrisburg for some 4th of July festivites and street food, so I was changing Sadie's diaper. I was just doing it right there on the floor in the living room when Jack walked by and did a double-take. Keep in mind Jack has brothers. He stopped and just stood there watching me. I didn't know what to do...should I address it? Should I ignore it? Should I tell him to mind his own business? Instead, I panicked:

Me: uhhh, Anna?
Anna: Jack, Sadie's a girl.
Jack: Where's her penis?
Anna: Girls don't have penises. Mommy doesn't have a penis either.
Jack: How does she pee?!
Anna: She has a hole she pees out of just like you, only she doesn't have a penis.
Jack: Can I see it?
Anna: No
Jeremy, Anna's husband: I know buddy, it still freaks me out a little too.