Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sadie's fashion show

Brian used to work with some people who have a baby 13 months older than Sadie. So, when they found out we were having a baby, they started bagging up all their daughter's old clothes and giving them to us. I think the majority of what we received has been around 6-9 months size, but it's cool because since their daughter was born the same time of year, the season appropriate and size appropriate match...which is important here where it IS 110 today! Anyway, Sadie is starting to outgrow her 3-6 month clothes (mostly in length, she's a skinny girl!), so I thought I should go through what's coming up next. TONS of cute clothes!! Now, instead of just putting a onesie on her everyday, I try to put something cute on her, even if we're not going anywhere (which is most days). So, then I thought each morning I should take a picture of her in her cute little dress/outfit. Now, you get to reap all the benefits. Enjoy!

This is actually size 9 mos...I think it's a little small :)

This outfit lasted about 10 minutes, because she immediately peed through her diaper as soon as we put her on her tummy

This dress is super cute, but didn't look that good on her, not colorful enough I guess. Might be cute on a darker-complexion baby. Plus it had this zipper on the back that kept riding up the back of her head. Annoying.

This is one of many little dress-onesies that were in the stuff. I think she looks good in purple, don't you?

Mostly I just love this picture. She so cute in this one!

Here's Sadie talking to Daddy about how she didn't sleep last night. This onesie is 6 months and so pretty. I'm glad it fits her!!

This is what teething looks like...such a sad face.

This dress didn't have any matching pantaloons, so I grabbed some pink ones from another dress and they worked just fine!

I love love love this little outfit. This I actually bought (one of the very few things I have actually paid for in Sadie's wardrobe) at the second-hand children's store in Eugene. I think it's so cute and I'm excited that Sadie finally fits into it!

I wish I could tell you this is a happy's not. But she did like these once we went outside!

I am so proud that my little girl is now a BIG girl. I weighed her last night on our scale...15.6 lbs!! She is amazing, and I believe will continue to amaze us for the rest of her life!!

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