Wednesday, July 20, 2011

365 project - #4

Today's picture is called "learning to sit." This was at physical therapy (PT) today. Sadie is getting so strong and even though it's hard work and feels really different to her, she works hard!

Learning to Sit on 365 Project

Sadie is still working on being on her tummy. Having this pillow under her helped motivate her to get her head off the ground. She is also learning to bite, so she is working really hard to get her hands to her mouth, and she really wanted this rag in there!!

CIMG4453 on 365 Project

We put Sadie in the Creepster-Crawler (the dinosaur) for the first time. She hated it, but only because it was so different and disorganizing that she didn't have any idea what to do about it! I just laughed at her! She did such a good job.

CIMG4461 on 365 Project

A couple of times she stopped her screaming and trying to roll into a little ball and tried to process what her body was doing. But it didn't last long before the screaming started again! I think if we keep exposing her to this device, before we know it she'll be crawling! In the moments that she was calm, she got her legs moving like she was going to take's just those stinky ol' arms that won't get with the program!!

CIMG4468 on 365 Project

Here you can see she's so mad because her body won't do what she expects it to! haha! What a big girl!!

CIMG4469 on 365 Project

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