Monday, October 10, 2011

The perfect house

Last night I had a dream that we found the perfect house.

For those of you who don't know, we're searching for this very thing...and it's taking a long time.

But in my dream we found the perfect house. It was in a "forgotten" neighborhood. The kind of neighborhood that used to be nice and full of rich people, but has over the years changed and is now full of renters, immigrants, and the working class. But this didn't matter. It also didn't matter that this house was trashed. Not the kind of trashed where you need to remodel, but the kind of trashed that you'd rather hire someone to deep clean for you than do it yourself.

This house was on a cliff and had a spectacular view of the ocean, and that was what made it perfect. It also had 3 bathrooms, and you could control the tub faucets in each bathroom from one central location in the master bathroom if you wanted. And there were slides you could go down to get to the children's rooms. And the master bedroom had a balcony. And it had a big kitchen.

I remember in my dream that the neighbors were all sitting outside visiting with each other when we moved in. And, even though they were simple people, they were friendly and helpful. They watched Sadie while we cleaned and we felt safe leaving her with them.

I just wish we could find the perfect house with friendly neighbors in real life...I'm getting sick of so much hunting.


  1. Don't give up hope, Beck Baby Mama ... I feel you will find that perfect place and it will be better than any dream you could possibly have. Chin up, sweetie!