Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

This Halloween I made Sadie a special Halloween dress. We're not really into Halloween and we don't give out candy or go trick or treating (how do you with a 1 year old who can't walk, talk, or eat candy???). So, why put Sadie in a costume?

Enjoy these cute pictures of Sadie sitting and wearing her Halloween outfit!!


  1. What are the 2 types of chairs that Sadie is sitting in? I love both of them and would love to get my little Maya one or the both of them.

  2. The pink chair is one that our PT gave us, it's a high chair made by Special Tomato, here's the link I like it because the straps hold Sadie just enough to keep her from falling out, like, we don't have to sit there with her and hold her. But she does have to WORK to keep herself upright. Our ultimate goal for this chair is to be able to eat while sitting in it. Right now, it's hard to sit and swallow at the same time! haha But she did eat some little crackers last night while she was sitting there, so that's a start!!

    The blue chair is just the base for our tumbleform. It's the base in this picture, but then we also got the table for her tumbleform chair, which you can see here We just put a book in the base so it was tall enough, and used it as a chair since it had the tall back and sides to support her.

    I hope that helps you! The tumbleform is expensive and I would try asking for that through insurance, but the tomato high chair looks like it's pretty reasonable!!

    Good luck!