Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feeding Tube Awareness among Friends and Family

I've mentioned before that the idea of a feeding tube was really scary at first. In fact, we did everything to avoid it, because in my mind it was the wrong thing. But then I learned that it's not so scary, and when they put the NG tube in Sadie's nose and she started sleeping, and she didn't scream all day, I realized that I was so thankful for tube feeding. It was in fact the right thing!

I think it's kind of been the same for my friends and family.

I've realized throughout my 2 years with Sadie that my attitude about something (regarding her) really effects how other people see it. Especially if it's something unknown like a feeding tube. So, if I approach surgery and a feeding tube with bravery and I get excited about how it's going to change our life for the better, my friends and family pick up on that and they have the same attitude...for the most part.

Mostly they have a lot of questions, and they ask, because they know that I don't have a problem telling them all about it!

And so we have a feeding tube, and my friends and family watch me feed Sadie. And they've even done it themselves. Sometimes even, they've said they wished their kids had one!! It's funny how a little awareness about something new and different can change your whole perspective

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