Saturday, February 25, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do

We're going to have to break up with daycare.

Here's the deal. Every Wednesday and Friday I drive almost 45 minutes to take Sadie to Physical Therapy...that's how much we love our PT! And I figured since I'm already that far away, why not try taking Sadie to the special needs daycare (United Cerebral Palsy) which is also 45 minutes away from our home, but only about 10 from PT. Then, while Sadie's at daycare, I spend 4ish hours at Starbucks working.

Sounds like a good deal, right?

Last week our beloved Physical Therapist told us her business is changing and she's no longer going to be at that location, but instead only do home visits. Her business partner has taken another job and will be significantly decreasing her patient load, so they have to cut down on costs to stay in business. And her home visits won't be anywhere near where we live. *sad face*

But, as sad as I am to lose Tami, I'm not really that sad about not driving 45 minutes one way twice a week, or having my butt go sore from sitting in a hard wooden chair for 4ish hours, or getting home and realizing that I smell like coffee... or paying $100 a week for daycare. And Tami said she could see Sadie at daycare, but I told her, if we're not driving up there specifically for therapy, I'm not sure I want to do daycare anymore.

Brian agrees. We'd be saving a lot of money by breaking up with daycare. In fact, we're even thinking about taking that money and spending it on a cleaning lady instead. (my dream come true...)

So why am I nervous? Is it because we haven't really been there that long and I feel like they made some huge adjustments for us? Is it because I feel like I might regret it? Is it because I'm afraid they're going to shove a paper in my face "reminding" me that I signed a contract for a certain amount of time? (I don't remember doing this, but that doesn't mean I didn't) I guess I should just do it.

Dear daycare, it's not you, it's us. We love you, but you're inconvenient, and expensive, and we need to move on. I hope we can stay friends.
Sadie and Mommy

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  1. I am so sorry daycare did not work out, I was looking forward to reading your posts regarding this. But I completely understand.