Monday, February 27, 2012

Sadie's first Sunday School

Sunday morning wasn't really Sadie's first time going to Sunday School, but it was the first time at this church. I started going to a Vineyard church with my parents a couple of weeks ago, and it's the first time since I moved to Phoenix in 2005 that I've felt like I belong at a church... The way I did in Junction City.

Last week I attended what they call a "new friends luncheon" which is basically a get together for people who have been attending just a short time so they can make connections and get to know the ministry staff better. It gave me an opportunity to tell some people our story and to have a good talk with the children's pastor about Sadie. She was excited to have Sadie and talked about the teachers being okay with it and everything, so I felt really encouraged.

Saturday night, however, was not a good night. Sadie was awake for 4 hours in the middle of the night, which meant so was I... And so was Brian for most of it also. I did not want to wake up, wake Sadie up, and get us both ready for church. I really considered not going. And as I laid there in bed going over how long I could sleep before I HAD to get up, I realized that I actually WANT to go to church, and Satan knows that, and his goal is to keep me home and he's trying his I need to get up and show him who's boss! I remembered that even though I'm tired and grumpy that God will give me strength to do the things I need to go to church, and take Sadie with me.

Satan wasn't done throwing his crap my way though... Sadie was in a bad mood (who wouldn't be after a night like that?) so I had to give her some 9:00 in the morning! Then when we got there I was trying to feed her in the car in the parking lot and the tube clogged and exploded all over me! But when we got to the Sunday School classroom the children's pastor was there and the Sunday School teacher was ready to take Sadie out of her wheelchair and play with her on the floor. I had made a little cheat sheet with bullet points to help them and they seemed like they had it completely under control. I was totally confident that I was leaving Sadie in good hands.

Something this church does that I've never seen a church do is instead of a short greeting time during worship, they actually stop the service and take a 15 or so minute break to greet and get coffee and fellowship. It's really cool. So during this time, my parents (who got to church a little late) went to see Sadie in Sunday School. They said she was happy and she gave them big smiles when she heard their voices. My dad always loves it when Sadie turns to his voice...she knows her grandpa and she knows he loves her!

After church I went to get her and they told me she did really great...she even pooped! Haha they went outside on the playground for a little while and they said they took Sadie out there and she loved it. She learned about the prodigal son and made a bracelet out of fruit loops! And they said the other kids did really well with Sadie and interacting with her.

I probably won't take Sadie with me every week, because it's nice to have a break from being Mommy...but sometimes Brian needs a break too. So, it's good to know we'll be welcomed and well taken care of!

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  1. Your church sounds awesome and I am really glad that you got some additional spiritual support.
    Is Sadie sitting independently yet?