Monday, March 4, 2013

It's been a while - part 3: Hip Surgery

Yes, we scheduled it, the dreaded hip surgery.

We went to see the Orthopaedist and he said Sadie needs the osteotomy.  That's where they cut her femur and actually remove a chunk to re-angle her hip sockets.  It sounds pretty intense and I'm not looking forward to it.

The doctor said that normally he likes to wait until kids are at least 4 years old before doing this surgery, but that since Sadie is so huge, he doesn't mind doing it on her so young.  So, I guess that crazy hormone rush growth spurt is sorta good...although I'm pretty sure her hips are so bad because of the growth spurt in the first place.

I've talked to a couple of other moms who have been through this surgery with their girls, and the biggest thing I keep hearing is pain management.  Sadie won't be casted or anything, so I won't have to worry about that (thank God), but I have been told that muscle spasms can be pretty harsh.  I had (a different kind) major hip surgery when I was 19 and I remember the doctor had to cut through the nerves to do what needed to be done.  I still have weird nerve sensations on that leg.  For a long time there would be shooting pain as my nerves worked to heal and feeling was coming back.  It was very uncomfortable...and I imagine it'd be something similar that Sadie will experience.

We'll stay in the hospital a few days (hopefully not too many), then it's up to 6 weeks of recovery at home.  Being an online teacher, I really only get 3 weeks off in the summer, those 3 weeks will be spent doing this.  June 24th is the first Monday of my break and we'll be showing up to Phoenix Children's Hospital bright and early that morning!

Pray for us, wish us luck, whatever you can do helps!!

I'm terrified, but I'm trying to be positive and proactive in that I want this to rocket us forward in her physical abilities (like sitting), instead of set us back, like I've heard that it can do.


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