Friday, March 1, 2013

Baker's Dozen check in - March

Because of the time I was without a computer, I didn't get to do my check in at 2 months, but that's okay, it's probably boring to read about if I'm reaching my goals every month.  That's okay, I write this for me, not for you. 

It's funny because I always have more aspirations.  I mean, daily I think of projects I want to start and things that would be fun if I completed.  So, I've already started working on my list for 2014.  Probably, some of the goals below will also be on that list...and I haven't decided how many things yet to put on the list.  So, we'll see how this year goes first.  

I wrote my new year's goals in December... remember?  So, time for a check in to see how I'm doing so far... 

1. Build the bookshelf.  This was always more about having the money than anything else.  And I think we are FINALLY caught up from our end of the year and having a baby bills.  I actually measured the bookshelf and took a picture of it to send to the person I want to build it.  Now I'm just waiting for an estimate.

2. Finish knitting sweater.  This will probably be the goal I finish first!  I have both sleeves on and I am working on the collar.  I've worn it in its incomplete state and it fits!  I'm so excited to finally finish this sweater...just in time for summer! haha

3. Paint Sadie's room.  This is another one that I'll complete soon.  Grammy sent her big girl quilt for Sadie's birthday.  We got the changing table and painted it green.  I've picked out colors for Sadie's walls.  When Grammy comes to visit in a few weeks for Spring Break we'll paint the walls and hang the valance and Sadie's room will be completed!!

4 & 5. Do a triathlon & run 3 charity runs.  My feet have reached a point where it no longer hurts to put on shoes.  Yay!  So, I'm taking a break from the podiatrist.  I started the Couch to 5K running program...and then I caught a cold.  So, I need to start over now that I'm feeling a little better.  It's hard to find the time to run, but Ezra's starting to sleep better and more consistently, so I might start getting up early and leaving him in bed with Brian like I used to do when Sadie was little.  As for the charity runs, we were going to do Broxton's run as a family, but Sadie had a horrible night and we just couldn't make it.  I've signed up for the Ryan House run this weekend, but I'm going to walk the 5K with a friend.  And I'm thinking of bringing Sadie with me.

6. Put family pictures up.  I am starting to have big ideas for this... I've actually opened the boxes and reminded myself of what there is.  We'll see how far I actually get with this.

7. Make my own pasta/tortillas.  I made tortillas.  I rolled them out and put them in the frying pan and we actually ate them.  But it was a lot of work, and they weren't great.  Did you know there is such a thing as a tortilla press?  You put your little ball of dough in the middle, press down and voila! you have a tortilla!  And some of them are even like a griddle and they'll cook them too!!  I want this gadget for Christmas. (I'm gonna have to put remodel the kitchen on my list next year to make room for all my gadgets!)

8. Organize Sadie's paperwork.  Haven't even thought about this.

9. Home Management Binder.  This seems to be working out well with my new planner.  I'm keeping track of our menus and notes on Sadie's therapies and appointments.  I just started a list in the back of important phone numbers too.  It's sufficient to keep us on the right track.

10.  Try at least 3 new recipes each month.  I've been planning a menu a month at a time.  It was working well until it wasn't.  I think the last 2 weeks of February I completely changed.  Oh well.  I'll maybe try planning a couple weeks at a time for March.  Anyway, we tried some new things in January and February... Mexican lasagna in the crockpot (it was okay), some different casseroles: one with black eyed peas, and a couple with quinoa, and some different soups: cream of tomato, cauliflower cheese, and potato leeks.  Also, in my quest for the perfect homemade veggie burger, I made sweet potato quinoa burgers.  They were good, but not perfect.  However, on that journey, I've found the perfect hamburger bun recipe.  And a chickpea pot pie!! ...not a success.

11. Keep a Housekeeping schedule.  I've given up on this.  I'm hiring a housekeeper.  I just can't keep up, and soon Ezra will be crawling and I am grossed out at the idea of what he might put in his mouth that he finds on the floor.  It's worth it to me to pay someone.

12. Budget.  We're doing pretty well with this!  We've managed to actually put away some money in savings in January and February, so I feel like we're back on the right track!

13. Write my kids monthly letters.  Sadie had a birthday in January, I didn't write her in February.  Here's Ezra's for January and February.  The reason I got out the boxes with the family pictures in them and opened them is because that's where Sadie's baby book is.  I've decided to take these letters, write them on paper and include them in their baby books.  Also, I have decided to only write monthly for the first year (I wish I had done this with Sadie), and then every year on their birthdays thereafter...and when the mood strikes me.

So there you go!  I think I'm doing well considering it's only March.  At least I'm working on them and not waiting until Thanksgiving and then being like, "oh yeah, I wanted to accomplish some things this year!"  I'd love to hear how your year is going!

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  1. I made lasagne noodles a few weeks ago, and it was so stinking easy! Easier than tortillas! I think you'll love doing it yourself!