Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sadie's third birthday

Dear Sadie,

Today you turn 3. Today is a big deal, because, not only is it the anniversary of your birth, but it is the anniversary of the day I became a mom. You are my first born child and you will always have a special place in my heart that is different than your siblings. I loved you before I knew you. I wanted to keep you when they told me I was going to lose you. And I am a stronger person for who you have demanded that I become.

You will always need me, more than most children need their mommies. And I will forever take care of you, speak for you, feed you and dress you, and fight for you. Before I had you I didn't know how to fight for something the way I do now. Because of you I have big, bulging mommy muscles. Because of you I have amazing friends. Because of you I have an appreciation for life and beauty like never before. Because of you I realize which things are silly to stress over or be sad about. Because of you, I am mom.

Sadie, today you're 3! You are growing up and learning more and more each day. You have ideas and opinions in that head of yours, and anybody who knows you knows how sassy and demanding you can be. You have turned into such a happy little girl. Even your teachers at school tell me all the time how happy you are. There was a time when I thought you'd never stop screaming, but now you never stop smiling.

You go to school now and your teachers are so proud of you and so impressed with everything you're learning. You play with the other kids in your class and even share toys with them. You are learning to communicate what you want, and you are learning to sit and use your hands to touch something or play with something. You are an amazing little person who is learning to overcome so much just to do basic things.

You are beautiful, and I am proud to be your mother. You are so loved, and that will never change.

Happy Birthday!


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  1. Christie, you are an amazing Mama. You don't know me, but we have a mutual friend. I have to say that I LOVE reading your blog. You are inspiring, and Sadie is very lucky to have you for a mother. God bless you and your sweet family. And Happy Birthday Sadie!! You are an amazing sweet little miracle, and I love reading about how much you are learning and growing!