Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Baker's Dozen Check in - 1 month

Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope that your night was safe and fun.  I chose to put grumpy and tired Sadie to bed early, then go to bed with Ezra.  I was out before 9:00 I'm sure!  I was so tired.

So, it's a new year and time for a fresh start for so many people.  I, however, started my new year's goals in December... remember?  So, time for a check in to see how I'm doing so far... (I know, it's only been a month, but it's accountability, right?)

1. Build the bookshelf.  Not anywhere close on this. However, I've THOUGHT about emailing the dimensions to the person I want to build it.  Mostly, this one's about money, it might have to wait a couple more months.

2. Finish knitting sweater.  I'm proud to say that I added 4 rows this week.

3. Paint Sadie's room.  I'm waiting for Grammy to finish her big-girl quilt.  Then I want to add her new changing table (that will be unfinished wood).  Then I think I know what I'm gonna do...big, wide, vertical stripes on the wall where the bed is.  One will be real pale pink, the other a light pink.  Then I'll paint the other 3 walls the pale pink.  And I was thinking of painting the changing table with the darker of the pinks...but now I'm considering a bright color from the quilt.  Hmmmm...

4 & 5. Do a triathlon & run 3 charity runs.  Well, I'm working on getting my feet healthy.  I saw the podiatrist a couple of weeks ago, who gave me cortisone shots in BOTH my feet.  I see him again on Thursday and we'll go from there.  The shots did help, so I'm hoping that I'm finally on my way to recovery...now it's about finding the perfect shoe.

6. Put family pictures up.  I got some more of them framed!!  That's a start, right?

7. Make my own pasta/tortillas.  I found a good recipe for tortillas and I feel like I am good enough with my rolling pin to try this before my next check in.  Pasta is still intimidating.

8. Organize Sadie's paperwork.  This is intimidating.  I need to check the Raising Special Kids website to see when their next seminar is.

9. Home Management Binder.  Well, I bought a new planner.  I planned out a menu for the ENTIRE month of January, and I'm keeping therapy notes in the daily squares on the weekly pages.  This leads me to the next 2 goals...

10.  Try at least 3 new recipes each month.  Last month I made eggplant parmesan (this isn't really new, but I don't think I was the one to make it in the past, so I'm counting it).  Then we tried a really yummy lentil stew and a vegtable bake over rice that was really really good!!  I also made some breakfast enchiladas on Christmas morning that were completely my own creation, and I successfully baked my first quiche!!  Not to mention, I also tried some new muffin recipes!

11. Keep a Housekeeping schedule.  I've written down my 2 week rotation and I am doing my best to keep it.  If I get behind (like yesterday, we were out of the house from 9:00-6:00 with therapies and doctor's appointments), I just do my best to catch up...or I just start over and worry about getting to the skipped stuff next time it comes around in the rotation.

12. Budget.  We've had to be pretty strict about this in December because of hospital bills and end of the year bills that we didn't realize we would have.  But we managed to stay under budget for December...even with Christmas!!  Bring it on, January!

13. Write my kids monthly letters.  You can read Ezra's here, and Sadie's here for December.

I feel like I'm doing well so far.  I think the hardest part about year-long goals is being constantly conscious of them.  I wrote them down in my planner/home management binder so I can continually refer to them and remember what they are.  I hope that you have some goals for the new year.  Whether they are big or small or you have lots or just a few, good luck and here's to great things in 2013!!

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