Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Ezra-2 months

Dear Ezra,

You are my second-born, but you have already given me so many firsts. I've never been peed on like that in my life! I am amazed at how well you sleep at night. And the way you watch me with your perfect vision and smile at me when I talk to you melts my heart. In so many ways you have made me a first-time mom all over again.

I wish I could pick just one thing about you that is my favorite, but, at 2 months old, there are already more things I love about you than I could count. I'll just list a few here... I love your dimples, I love your deep blue eyes, and I love your chubby thighs. I love the way you raise your eyebrows so expressively when you look at something new. I love the way to scrunch up your nose when you nurse. I love the little sighs you make in your sleep. I love the way you fart like a grown man. I love the way you light up when I sing you songs and the way you munch on your hands. I love the way you watch Daddy's phone when he plays games and watches videos.

Sometimes I wish I could keep you so little forever, but I also can't wait for you to grow up so you can play with your sister more. I can't wait to see what kind of person you're going to grow up to be. I hope you have your Daddy's calm disposition and his easy-going personality. I hope you love people and are social like your sister. I hope that growing up with Sadie makes you a kind and caring person who is compassionate for others who are different than yourself. I can't wait to do art projects with you, have you help me bake, and take you to the zoo. You are an amazing child and we will celebrate everything you learn how to do.

You are already growing so fast, I know it'll soon be hard to look back and believe you were this little. You are my boy and I love you so much.

Love, Mama

PS. This is what you look like today...

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