Friday, December 21, 2012

The 15 Days of Winter Christmas Pageant

Sadie loves school.  Yesterday she got to be in the Christmas pageant.  They "sang" (and by sing I mean the teachers sang) the 15 days of winter.  It was sort of like the 12 days of Christmas, but on the first day of winter my teacher gave to me, one tall green fir tree, etc.  Sadie was #8, she was 8 knitted hats.  (I forgot to push record in time to get all 15, so it starts at 13...oops!)

Then, after they did their whole show, Santa came!!!

We had a good time, I got to visit with some of the other parents in Sadie's class, and even found out that one of Sadie's classmates lives just a couple of blocks away!!  ...and she has a swing.  We're gonna go over there for a playdate during Christmas break.

Merry Christmas!

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