Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sadie's Virtual Birthday Party

Sadie will be 3 on January 19th.  I can't believe it's already been 3 years since that crazy day when I had my first baby.  And that scary week following when I thought I was going to lose my first baby.  But, here we are!!  And we're doing better than expected!

Sadie's birthday is so close to Christmas, that I find it inappropriate to ask for MORE presents.  She made out like a bandit this Christmas... new AFO socks, art supplies and coloring books, clothes, an ipad case, lots and lots of socks, a new hairbrush, and even some pretty clips to hold her hair out of her eyes!  Oh yeah, and she got some toys too!!

So, instead, I wanted to ask anybody who might be interested in celebrating Sadie's 3rd birthday if they might make a donation.  We need a changing table that is big enough for Sadie now, and that will also be big enough for her when she's 10.  The little baby changing table just isn't enough anymore.  I am currently trying to contact the therapist who built her table last year to get a quote, but I imagine it will cost $200-$300.  This is what I'd like to buy Sadie for her birthday.

If you would like to show Sadie how much you love her by donating a gift, we'd really appreciate it.  Just click on the button below and give any amount that is appropriate for you and your family.  If it's not appropriate for you to give for Sadie's birthday, that's okay too!

Have a safe and happy New Years celebration and we look forward to sharing our family blessings with you in 2013!!

Edit:  If we end up receiving more money than we need to purchase the table, we'd like to put it toward buying her a swing.  Something like this.  (note: this link is just the frame, but it shows the whole set up in the picture)

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  1. Do you have a fram for a swing like your wanting the reason I'm asking is we have a nwe swing its green but we don't have a frame joey can't swing I messes wiht his breathing and its just setting in storase. It hlod up to 250 pounds and has the 5 point harness