Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sadie's Progress Update

Sadie's teacher sent home a paper in Sadie's folder yesterday.  It's titled, Sadie's Progress Update.  It says that most kids get a formal progress report on their IEP goals this time of year, but since Sadie just started school right after Thanksgiving, she doesn't get one yet.  But, she wanted to make sure I got something because Sadie's been working so hard and she wants to acknowledge it.

The progress update states that Sadie is adjusting to school very well.  She participates in activities and everyday is showing the teachers more and more of what she can do.  The teacher said it is obvious that Sadie LOVES school (she even put it in all caps like that in this note).  She comes happy and leaves happy and they can tell that she is pleased with this new daily routine of going to school.

Then she lists some of the things Sadie has been working on.  Things like engaging in play in different positions, using all her skills to communicate, and staying engaged in circle time.  Sadie is working on making choices, and responding appropriately when it is her turn, and participating positively.

Sadie's teacher says she is pleased to see Sadie doing so well so quickly and she predicts that she will continue making progress throughout the year.

And at the end, she says she adores having her in her classroom and that she is loved by all.

God bless these people who work with my child daily, as well as those other children in her class.

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