Sunday, November 21, 2010

X-baby banana

My daughter is a mutant X-men style. She's got Professor X like powers and she's willing to use them. Last night, after we had put her down to sleep, I went into her room. I just looked at her for a moment, and the mutant daughter suddenly startled.

When she startles she looks a little like a tiny symphony conductor blasting her arms up in the air as a piece of music hits an apex of sound. Once those arms menacingly arise, they quiver as though encouraging the orchestra to keep the time and pace of the musical score. I, in awe filled terror last night, scurried away as quickly as my tip toed steps would allow.

I told my wife that I was statuesque, resting for a solid 7 seconds staring and her with the only sound emanating from my body being love and breath. Christie replied, "She senses you." "What do you mean?" "She's aware in ways we aren't."


The other exciting event of the day was our donation. We had some eggplant bushes that had taken over the garden. They were blocking sunlight form our carrots and leaks and had to go. So I pulled them up. Sadly, my wife and daughter decided they didn't like Eggplant. So I cut every edible eggplant off of the bush, put the bushes into a tumble-composter. I easily had 40 pounds of eggplant. They filled up 3 giant plastic bags we had.

I took them to a local food bank at a Church, to which the lady asked: "why the donation?"
"We can't eat all of these."
"My family can," she quipped with a grin.
Delighted I left her with lots of eggplants she can use that we can't. I hope tomorrow night at dinner, someone somewhere is eating eggplant that we grew in our garden.

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