Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Drunk Texting

Brian's out of town this week (and next week, and possibly the week after) for his regional meeting for work. This means that they all get together from different states and drink and eat and drink some more...on Starbucks' dime. It's awesome, and I'm jealous. They used to do "teambuilding" activities also like go river rafting, or golfing, or to the spa for the day, but since the economy sucks now, they bond through Habitat for Humanity projects. Which is also awesome and I'm more jealous.

It's hard to have Brian gone for just ONE night, let alone 3, because Sadie is a LOT of work. Like today. She cried all day. From about 5:30 this morning until she finally crashed around 3:00 this afternoon. Cry cry cry. Ane me without a break, because I'm all alone with my own cute little screamtastic child, whom I love and I feel bad for because those teeth are really ouchie.

Anyway, since Brian and I can't live without each other, we end up texting pretty much all day and night when he's out of town. Good thing we have unlimited texting on our phones. But the best is when Brian's had a little to drink. He gets all mushy and sweet and I get texts like these: (edited of course for spelling errors and dumbness)

"You are such a good mom. I wish people understood the commitment you have to Sadie. I love you so much for that. I think as our relationship changes and mutates that's the most admirable aspect of everything. I don't care about a lot, but I care about your commitment to Sadie. I love you more because you take care of her. It is the best thing I've ever experienced and I'm so proud of you. I'm not even mildly interested in another woman. I know they cannot compare to your depth of love and compassion. I'm so happyto be with you."

"Sadie is deep s*#t. People have no idea. We do. I cherish that more than anything. If I believed in fate, I'd think we were set up for her. It just fits in."

"We're so unique to have her. Our experience is different than any other's. I love her more than I'm sure most fathers love their daughters."

Now, I think every father thinks he loves his daughter more than any other father, but it's still sweet that he thinks his daddy-love is strongest of all.

Aren't I married to a good man?

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  1. Oh yes, Cristie! Truly people don't understand the impact a special needs child has on a family. And, while the physical and psychological strain is phenomenal, the inability to maintain a job or gainful employment without jeopardizing both family and job are constantly at risk. I had a neighbor say recently that he didn't feel that society should be burdened with the financial responsibility of these children; that in the past, the family took responsibility for their care. When I experience this type of response to our children, I have to slow my breathing and remember that they, too, are being educated.

    Bless you and Brian. The experience of raising our Jaymie brought Robert and I together and was a true bonding experience. I am so thankful.