Saturday, October 30, 2010

My first 5K

I just realized that it's almost been 2 weeks and I haven't posted pictures of my race!! AAHHH! I'm a bad blogger.

So, I'll tell you all about it now (complete with pictures). This was my first 5K ever. I was nervous and excited, I was afraid to eat in case I threw it up, but afraid not to eat because I didn't want to faint. And Brian kept reminding me it's not really more than I usually run...but I knew it was different.

The race was at the fair, but of course it started before the fair opened. So, we parked where we know there's free parking (not like any of the parking lots were open anyway), which happened to be REALLY far away from the gate where we were supposed to enter. I got a nice little warm up walk. And Sadie did really well in her stroller.
Sadie hanging out in her stroller waiting to watch mommy run

When we got there there were people anywhere from limping to heavy-duty like their life depended on this event. I was somewhere in between. I was trying not to make it a big deal. I had two goals, to run the entire way, and to finish in under 45 minutes. I achieved one of them.stretching and getting ready to start!

starting out with a smile on my face!

Anyway, it was fun to run with a big group of people, and it was hot, so I walked for about a quarter of a mile towards the end, but seriously, if I had known we were that close I would have pushed through. But my final time was 34:27, which was WAY under 45 minutes. Brian actually said he wasn't ready to take pictures when he saw me coming because he wasn't expecting me so quickly.
At the finish line (that girl in front of me came from nowhere and sprinting to the finish line)

Finishing felt really good. And since then I've run the full 5K twice without stopping. It really gave me confidence for the half marathon coming up in January. Although, running 35 minutes without stopping is different than running over 2 hours without stopping!!
yay!! Finished!!


  1. Congradulations and thanks for the pictures!


  2. Yay, that is awesome. I didn't know that you were into running this much. I try to run at least twice a week since I have enough time from not teaching :[

    go Beck

    hope to run a marathon with you.

    Love to your family and Merry Christmas