Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sadie's radio debut

Yesterday Sadie and I had the opportunity to be part of something big. KTAR, a local radio station here hosted a Radiothon to raise money for the children's hospital. It started Monday at 3pm and went until Tuesday at 7pm...and I'm not sure, but I don't think it even went over night. In just those few hours, they raised OVER $1million! The final total was $1,054,965. That is a LOT of money.

But even more amazing was to hear how many lives this hospital has effected, and I don't just mean this year, I'm talking EVER. Local celebrities like Kurt Warner and John McCain have been effected by this hospital. (side note: I was really hoping we'd get to meet Kurt Warner, but apparently he's too busy with Dancing with the Stars to even be in town! How cool would that have been though? A picture of Sadie and Kurt for the baby book?! Awesome.) They even played a story of Glenn Beck talking about how his daughter had fetal strokes and came to the NICU at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

So, Sadie and I were asked to come tell our story on the radio for people to hear. Our story is special because we were part of the Neuro-NICU. There are only 2 NICUs in the country who meet the criteria to be labeled Neuro-NICU, and PCH is one of them. A number of other hospitals do brain cooling, but even that is fairly new technology, not a lot of people know about it. But because of our amazing story, they asked if we'd also be part of future events like this. I told her to call us for the rest of our lives, we will shout our story from the rooftops if it'll help raise money for this hospital!

Anyway, Sadie was a hit, of course. The moment we walked through the door we were surrounded by people doting on her. What a special little girl she is that she is able to light up a room already, at 8 months old. Even the old men couldn't stay away! I mean, I think she's the cutest little thing...but I'm sorta biased, so I love when others confirm that for me! And she was so good. She was so upset in the car on the way there, but as soon as we got there she nursed herself to sleep for a half hour...long enough to recharge her batteries. That made a world of difference!

So without further ado, here's the video of our interview! Sorry I can't imbed it, but if you click the link below you should be able to watch it.

Radio Interview

I also want to remind you that I'm still working on getting ready for that half marathon in January. It's another fundraiser for Phoenix Children's Hospital. I've committed to raise $1500 and I'm a third of the way there. I'm a little disappointed in how many people HAVEN'T donated (yet). So many of you take for granted that your children are healthy. And so many of you love Sadie and know what this hospital has done for us. THEY SAVED MY BABY'S LIFE!!! Please consider giving. It doesn't have to be a lot...nobody will even know how much except you and me. But getting to that $1500 mark is really important; for me, for Sadie, and for the hospital. You can find the fundraising page either on the right side of the blog, or by clicking here. It's easy to give online and it's safe and secure. So please don't delay any longer in donating.

Thank you. And thank you Arizona for being so generous during the Radiothon this week.

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