Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sadie's Famous!

Ever since some other mommy blogs have been sharing about my fundraiser/marathon, I've had some donations come in from people I don't know. So when I got a generous donation from Adrian Larsen and Miridia Technology Inc. I didn't really think much of it. It was Brian who googled them. He was shocked to realize they are the creators of the technology used by the acupuncturist to create those acugraphs I showed you. He suggested that I look them up, find a way to contact them and send a thank you note. I had no idea I'd find this:

It's the facebook page for acugraph, and it introduces Sadie, it gave me chills. I thought it was just a link back to my post about Sadie's acugraphs, so I didn't click on it t first. But it's actually a link to HIS blog post about Sadie's acugraph!

Here, read it for yourself. It made me cry a little.

There's a somewhat new blog out there called Band Back Together. I will admit I haven't visited yet, but I have a good reason. It's a community blog in which people with any experience with any kind of trauma come to share their stories. The idea is to come together and offer support to one another via this amazing tool called the internet. Joslyn of Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy was the most recent person to suggest I visit this blog and contribute. I told her I haven't gotten up enough courage to go there yet. As I said a couple of days ago, it still hurts. I'm not sure a. I'm ready to read others' stories of trauma, or b. I'm in a place yet where I can offer support for them. Joslyn said to just think, "what would I tell someone who just found out their baby has CP?" I told her I still feel like I just found out, someone should be supporting me still!

But after reading Dr. Larsen's blog tonight, I realized that Sadie's story, all parts, is powerful just the way it is. She is an amazing baby, and I'll brag a little, we're good parents to her and we constantly are seeking out the best things for her (isn't that what all good parents do?). We just have more research to do than most parents! So, why if I am so willing to broadcast our story on the radio, or run 13 miles to raise money for PCH, am I so afraid of this blog?! We're obviously effecting others, why would it scare me to offer our story in such a profound community forum?

I don't know.

Maybe tonight I'll finally muster up the courage to get involved.

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