Monday, October 4, 2010

An open letter to Sadie's elusive teeth

Dear Teeth,

We read that drool was the first sign of you, however, we've been enduring drool for 4 months now and we still don't see you! Then there were hours of crying (luckily not at night), and biting (luckily not while nursing), and now we can feel you...sorta.

It's just that we can't wait for you to pop through! We want to see Sadie's toothy grin, instead of this gummy one (although it's pretty cute too). We aren't only excited for the drooling, crying, and pain to stop, we are also excited for chewing!

You see, Sadie is learning to use her hands and we hope that soon she'll be able to put things (like bananas and crackers and spoons) in her mouth. It'll be much better if you're there to help. We understand that your job is important, and because we have such positive experiences with our own teeth , we'd really like Sadie to experience the pleasure of having teeth...sooner rather than later.

So, teeth, please come soon!

Mama and Daddy (and Sadie) Beck

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