Sunday, October 10, 2010

Political Banana

Recently I registered in a contest to have dinner with President Obama. I did not win. Though that registration my email address was given to the democratic congressional campaign committee. Once a day (sometimes twice) I get an email from them always with the same message - donate money. Some of the emails come from Nancy Pelosi, or Bill Clinton or some other high profile democratic politician. They all ask me to donate money and that has caused me quite a bit of annoyance. So I have begun replying to their emails (all individual replies) asking them in return to donate to my wife's cause.

My wife is raising money to help support Phoenix Childrens Hospital. That hospital does amazing things for children which has a direct impact upon our community. Sadie, in our lives, is an example. Below is a transcript of a recent reply I've given to one of their emails. There might be a bit of tension in the email - but considering this is roughly
the 100th email I've written with zero response, or more importantly a donation, the tone has become more and more malicious on my part.


--- On Sat, 10/9/10, Jon Vogel, DCCC Executive Director wrote:

From: Jon Vogel, DCCC Executive Director
Subject: Arizona Democrats are Counting on You
To: "brian beck"
Date: Saturday, October 9, 2010, 10:53 AM

brian --

I know you are getting tons of emails. The truth is November's election is in a little over three weeks and it all comes down to the actions we take right now to get out our message and turn out Democrats to the polls.

The margins of victory have no room for error for any Democrat to sit on the sidelines. If you care about the progress we have made for America, we must act now. Here are the three best ways you can get involved to help retain our Democratic Majority in November:
  • Sign up to Volunteer -- We can put you in touch with a local campaign in your area who needs your help now, on the phones, knocking on doors and passing out literature. We urgently need volunteers on the ground. We know exactly which voters we need to target. We just need folks to make it happen.
  • Ask your friends to Volunteer -- Post a link on Facebook, tweet it out, or simply press forward on this email and send to ten friends. Every committed Democrat needs to get involved and we are counting on you. The Republicans are counting on Obama Democrats to stay home -- let's prove them wrong.
  • Can't volunteer? Donate! -- Outfitting a grassroots campaign organizer with a kit costs $28 dollars - contribute that today and it could mean that one more campaign has one more volunteer who has the resources it will take for victory on Election Day. $100 could cover production of over a 1000 door hangers. We urgently need your support.
It's all come down to these final three weeks.

We cannot wake up on November 3rd regretting we didn't do more. I need you in this game. Stand with Speaker Pelosi and President Obama and let's prove the Republicans wrong. They have underestimated us before but let's show them this is their biggest miscalculation of all.

Onward to Victory,

Jon Vogel
DCCC Executive Director


All you've done is ask me for money. One email, specific to my location just reminded me to vote early. I thought that was tremendous. Of the rest of the emails you and your pals never mention why I should donate money other than to stop to evil empire of Palins - and even then you do nothing to support your need of why. With that nebulous request in tow, I'll simply respond by asking you to donate to my cause:

Helping sick children. I know that isn't in your agenda because sick Children don't vote, and because they are sick they are less likely to make it to voting age therefore making them even less valuable to you, however considering you really are only furthering the interests of your political machine, I'll just ask politely for you to donate and expect you to do nothing for me except take - and never give.


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  1. I love it! Genius. :)

    We too are lovers of PCH, and think that they could do with some support from others.