Thursday, October 14, 2010

therapy update

Sadie hasn't really been to PT since the first day of movement therapy, mostly because of scheduling conflicts, so yesterday was our first time in 3 weeks! I had forgotten how much I love Tami. If nothing else, going to PT is therapy for me! Anyway, she really noticed a difference in Sadie.

First of all, we had been in the car for almost an hour because we were coming from Mesa where we saw the chiropractor, but not the acupuncurist, because he was running late and we had to go. So we get to make a separate trip back to see him (sarcastic yay). We pretty much drove the entire 101 loop yesterday. For those of you who don't know what that means, I have a graphic demonstration for you below:

27.3 miles, but there was an accident in the tunnel, so it took longer. Screams the whole way.

38 miles, but we stopped at Jamba Juice and took a sanity break, so it took almost an hour.

20.1 miles of pure car screaming!

Total of 85.5 miles, and pretty much the ENTIRE 101 loop!!!

That's a LOOOOONG car ride...but that's not the point of my post. The point of telling you how far we drove was to show how amazing it was that Sadie calmed down and actually did really well in PT...after she took a short little power nurse-nap. Even Tami was amazed at her ability to keep it all in check. We started out on her tummy, then rolled over. Soon, it was apparent that Sadie gets bored laying on her back, she wants a new view of the world, a sitting up view. So for the rest of the time they worked on sitting. Sadie did some really great things responding to Tami moving her and "disorganizing" her, forcing her brain to reorganize and stabilize. Then when we left I bonked her head getting into the car and it was all downhill from there.

Then this morning we had OT with Jessica, who I also really like. But the nice thing is that Jessica comes to our house, so we don't have to endure any car screaming at all!! In fact, we haven't gone anywhere today...which means our schedule is slowing down again for a bit, and that's nice because I started this new job and it's a little overwhelming right now!

Anyway, Jessica said a lot of the same things Tami had. It helped that Sadie took a 30 minute snooze right before Jessica got here, but still, she made it the ENTIRE hour with no screaming! And we did a lot of work on her tummy this morning, as well as a lot of sitting. Sadie is really getting much better at sitting. I am really proud of her. I think the biggest thing is that she WANTS to sit, so she tries really hard. But, too, it's hard for her to get her body to do what she wants and I can see her get frustrated. It's sad. I can tell, though, that she's determined, and where there's a will, there's a way. I am confident that someday she'll get it and she'll get it all!

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