Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sadie's Acugraph

2 weeks ago Sadie saw an acupuncturist for the first time (don't worry, he didn't poke her!) to see if we could get the energy flowing through her body in balance. His name is Michael, and he is very nice. The first thing he did was draw up an acugraph on Sadie. To do this he had a special machine that measured her energy through its exit points in her nail beds, both hands and feet. He used this probe with like a cotton q-tip on the end of it. It was completely painless, but of course Sadie screamed the whole time! This was Sadie's first acugraph:

I know it's small, so I'll explain a little. Each energy line has a left and a right, those are the two lines you see for each one. The 12, in order, are lungs, pericardium (the muscles around your heart), heart, small intestine, triple energy (these are your head, chest, and gut), large intestine, spleen, liver, kidney, bladder, gall bladder, and stomach. According to this, she averages out at 164%, ideal is 100%, so her energy was pretty high across the board. The red ones show that the energy line running through her heart are both higher than her high average. The purple ones are split, meaning there is a large discrepancy between her right and left sides. You can see there are quite a few of these. The green are normal, meaning they aren't split and the both fall in her average range...however, they're still high.

We left with instructions on how to 1. lower her heart energy (which has nothing to do with the actual workings of her heart, by the way), 2. balance her right and left sides, and 3. lower her energy overall. And I faithfully rubbed and tapped all the appropriate spots...for 2 weeks. I should also note that this first appointment was the day before our first movement lesson (ABM therapy).

Yesterday, we visited Michael again. He did the same thing with the probe and the computer and stuff, and Sadie screamed through it again. But this time I was noticing the numbers were a lot lower. And a couple of times he re-measured one. Then when we were all through he told me he had to check his computer because those numbers seemed extremely low. But, it was working just fine. Here's what Sadie's second acugraph looked like:

Amazing, right? Michael said this is the most drastic change he's ever seen. You'll notice that everything is balanced right and left. And instead of the 164% she was at before, she's now at 53%! Now, says Michael, she's too low. These aren't lines of energy like we think of energy amping us up or being calm, these are flows indicating health and vitality. We still want Sadie to be closer to 100%. However, there's apparently no treatment for low levels, only high levels. So, Michael did some poking and used the percussor (vibrator) and tried to open up her main lines.

We go back next week for a third acugraph, then I imagine we'll be done with Michael. In the meantime, we have 3 more movement lessons this week (hopefully they'll be BOWEL movement lessons!)


  1. About 40 years ago our little girl was born with cerebral palsy, spastic and cross eyed. We were told to put her "away" because she would never amount to anything and would only be a burden on our family. We finally, 2 and a half years later, found the Institute for the achievement of human potential in Philadelphia. A wonderful staff there helped our daughter learn to walk and advance through school with her grade. She now has a masters in social work and is an advocate for challenged people.
    They are wonderful at IAHP. Check them out.
    Ross Stockwell

  2. I have looked into them, and even have an envelope full of information from them sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be opened. But, I have heard mixed reviews about IAHP, so I am reluctant to pursue them. I am thrilled that you found such success through their organization, and that is wonderful about your daughter's success in life!! Maybe I'll open that envelope tomorrow. :)