Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dreams...or premonitions?

I've had dreams before about Sadie starting to crawl or walk, but last night was my first dream where Sadie spoke.

It was a strange dream where Sadie's behavior got out of control, and we were on some kind of island with an invisible bridge over crystal clear water. The local people thought she was possessed by a demon and had created stories of her making a transformation to a dragon. But we called in a midwife - a male midwife, he was apparently our superhero.

This male midwife bravely followed me over the invisible bridge as we ran as fast as we could to save my baby. He even sacrificed his iphone when it fell in the water...he refused to go after it because it would waste precious time (and it was probably dead anyway, or he'd never be able to locate it). When we got to Sadie, he took over and I was forced to wait in a room with my friends.

This waiting room was strange, there was nothing but a bathtub, where I sat and waited, while my closest friends (and my REAL midwife) all sat with me. The floor was made of dark wood, and so were the bare walls. The light was dim, like the fading daylight outside, but we could feel the breeze and hear the water as we sat and waited in anticipation. We didn't say much, we waited in silence.

Finally our hero came in to tell us that he saved the day. He handed me my baby (as a 15-month-old) and she was calmed down and normal. I grabbed her and hugged her and said, "I love you," and she said "I love you, Mama." I remember looking at my friends with tears in my eyes and saying, "that's the first time she's even spoken! You guys are my witnesses!"

Then the male midwife explained to us what happened. He said that he realized she needed a lasic procedure to unblock part of her brain that was effecting her vision. He showed us this video of how when Sadie's brain would try to send a signal somewhere it was blocked and basically spent the rest of it's energy ricocheting around in her brain and her eyes, making her scream and writhe in misery. In the video it looked like black smoke was filling her head, but by removing whatever was blocking this, the "smoke" was able to exit and she was able to process what she saw and felt normally.

And that's when I woke up.

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  1. Trust your dreams and what your instestects say, try not to talk about it. Too many people wouldn't believe you. I believe we have gardien angels wispering to us to foresee the future. I cann't go deaper with you, but if you want to reply, you'll find me.