Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bump Watch 37 weeks

Wow, I haven't written for a week!  I promise there are some things coming.  Sadie has an appt with the Orthopaedist today and with the Spasticity Clinic next week.  Plus we have a meeting regarding Preschool next week.  Oh, and her wheelchair and her new Happy Chair should be coming by the end of the month...lots on the horizon!!

I had a good talk with the midwife this week about my birth plan.  I was not (still am not) entirely sure what I'm allowed to do/ask for at a hospital birth and what I am required to do.  I was really happy when she told me that many of my requests might be frowned upon with an OB doctor, but with the midwives at the hospital they're used to it and most people ask these things.  I WILL get to hold my baby right away, and for as long as I want, until they do the newborn screenings.  I don't have to have them put goop in his eyes (that's for, like, if you have an STD).  The lights can be dimmed while I'm laboring and pushing, I can labor in the tub, I can even start pushing in the tub...but I am not allowed to give birth in the tub.  I can opt for Electronic Fetal Monitoring or just the doppler, and I can change my mind throughout.  Brian can catch the baby, and cut the cord, which won't be cut until it stops pulsating (as opposed to right away).  And I can eat and drink, I am not required to be hydrated via IV.

And on THAT note... my Group B Strep test was negative.  Hmmmmm...  That kind of surprised me, even though I know it's a transient infection/virus.  We are electing to do the antibiotics anyway, because we feel that there is less risk in getting antibiotics during labor than there is having the baby get the infection.  We're not sure that antibiotics in labor would have helped Sadie, but it's peace of mind, and the midwife agreed.

My Non Stress Tests and Ultrasounds weekly are going well.  Tuesday's NST was a little quiet and slow, so she kept me hooked up for a little longer.  Although, baby's been moving a lot, which eases my mind.  We go in for another ultrasound tomorrow (Brian gets to come with me!), so that will ease my mind hopefully a little more about Tuesday's lack of movement.

I've also been stressing out about what to do with Sadie when I have to go to the hospital.  We have her booked at Ryan House for the 9th, but there are 2 problems with that... 1. what if I go into labor BEFORE the 9th?  and 2. Grammy comes on the 9th, and even if I don't go into labor until the 11th or 12th, if we take Sadie to Ryan House on the 9th, then Grammy misses out on 3 or 4 days with Sadie.  Also, it's a lot of work to get Sadie ready to go to Ryan House, I have to write out her schedule, pack her clothes, make her enough food and label the food, etc. etc. etc.  And I have to do it, it's not really a job for someone else.  Plus Ryan House is the OTHER direction from the hospital.  

But I came up with a solution.  Chelsea.  Chelsea is our respite provider and she is amazingly flexible and competent.  She agreed to be on call and she is prepared to stay the night for 1 or 2 nights while we're in the hospital.  Chelsea can feed Sadie, bathe Sadie, put Sadie to bed, etc.  I feel so much better knowing we have her on board.  

Whew!  Things are coming together! I just have to start thinking and pre-packing for the hospital!

How far along?  37 weeks!!  I think we're "officially" full term now!

Weight Gain? I gained a couple more pounds this week.  My medical records from the midwife say I've gained 33lbs, but my own records say more like 48lbs.  Either way, I'm all belly, really, and my weight gain is normal.

What's up with my Body? Okay, yes, I have 2 stretch marks.  They are way down low kind of UNDER my belly, so they're hard for me to see.  But I did ask the midwife and she confirmed that they are indeed stretch marks.  I'm convinced that they are where they are because this baby is settled so low and just hanging out down there that my skin is stretched far more at the bottom of my belly than at the top.  I'm not sad about them or upset, I feel like they're kind of like a badge of honor!  (I know, I'm weird...but I don't feel like I need to be a super model.  My body has carried babies and I should be proud of that!)

This child LOVES to punch my bladder, and tug on my round ligaments and tendons.  Sometimes with every step I feel like he's closer to pushing some vital organ out my vagina!  Forget waddling, I feel like I'm walking on hot coals or something the way I carefully take each step!

The false labor comes and goes.  Sometimes I feel it a lot in my back...I hope that doesn't continue.

My feet are killing me.  I try to wear shoes around the house, but I forget, and then I'm walking on this hard tile.  Just laying in bed in the morning and thinking about getting up makes my feet ache.

Speaking of sleeping, I'm still doing okay with that, surprisingly.  As long as Sadie sleeps!!  She has been having some rough nights (but she's also been taking naps), which have made me REALLY tired.  But I'm hanging in there!

Gender? It's a boy!  You can read about our ultrasound appointment and see pictures if you go to this post here.

Emotions: Sometimes I feel really happy (like happier than I should be) about silly things... like driving with the sun roof open (I've never had a sun roof before, so it was delightful that the weather was cool enough to enjoy this!), or that I programmed directions to the hospital into the navigation system.  But then sometimes I feel like I want to just go cry somewhere by myself...for no particular reason.  Today, I'm up for a fight, so I'm going to email the school district and start being pushy about her starting early to preschool.  We'll see how that goes. 

Baby name: I think we've FINALLY chosen our name.  But I think you're gonna have to wait until he's born to find out what it is!!

Best moment of the week: Being able to enjoy cooler weather!  I actually walked around the block yesterday...twice.

What I'm looking forward to: Mighty Moms dinner tonight (this will be my last one for a while), In person Professional Development with my co-workers next week, and my baby shower!!

How baby's growing: Baby's lungs, which are the last thing to fully develop, are mature enough now that he could survive if born at 37 weeks.  Although, it's better to keep him in there longer.  He's mostly gaining weight at this point.  Baby Center says 6+ lbs.  I say he's probably closer to 7.5 or 8lbs at this point.  Anybody wanna guess what you think his birth weight will be???  Baby Center also mentioned hair, and the ultrasound tech told me last week that he does have hair on his head.  It'll be exciting to see if it is bright red like Sadie's.  I kind of have a feeling it won't be.

And I know I haven't posted a picture for a couple of weeks, but I took a shower today!!  So... ta-da!

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  1. I feel like you do on stretch marks, but I also include wrinkles - I earned them and I will wear them proudly!