Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Spasticity Clinic - Our Second Visit

If you read my last post about Sadie's latest Ortho appointment, you'd know the drastic news we were given about her hips.  This morning we visited Dr. Kwasnica again (she's the one who recommended the hand splints) and continued the conversation.

I told Dr. Kwasnica what Dr. Segal said (they are colleagues and know one another well) and she was as shocked as I.  However, she later said that he must really mean it to recommend surgery to a child as young as Sadie.  She said that Dr. Segal is usually cautious about recommending drastic measures, so we should probably take him seriously if that's what he's saying about a child as young as Sadie.

We also talked about, in the meantime, trying Botox injections in her adductors and then having her wear a brace.  Dr. Kwasnica agreed that if we have to wait for surgery anyway, we might as well do something in the meantime.  She said it would help us with diaper changing, and it would stretch her tight hamstrings.

But it's not going to prevent surgery.

So we made an appointment in the beginning of November to do Botox.  Then we will be fitted for a brace, that she will probably wear at night, to hold her hips apart and provide prolonged stretching.

And we will probably move to schedule surgery next time we see Dr. Segal.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about Sadie's hips, but I am praying for you guys and wishing your family all the best. Sadie reminds me so much of my Maya so I follow your post with eagerness. Congratulations also on the soon be new arrival, I am sure he will bring great joy to your lives.