Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chat Replay!

In case you missed the earlier chat scheduled Sunday with the father of Sadie, you can read the transcript below. All questions were welcome and all were answered.

Elsa (Fargo): Do you have your picture of Sadie posed next to a Banana? I love those.
Sadie-Pops: Yes! Thanks for asking. See below.

Mike (Austin Tx): Can you tell me about your feelings this past week?
Sadie-Pops: Interesting question from a shrink. Yes however. The EEG long term test in the early part of the week was tolerable. Despite being trapped in a hospital room without the ability to pacify Sadie through normal means, we could look at the potential end result and suffer during the test. We thought she was not having seizures however having medical proof is always a pleasurable outcome. We just had no way to stop her ear bloodying shrieks outside of making silly noises hoping you stumble upon something bizarre enough the she looks at you and coos.
The second eventful portion of our week, an OD due to a pharmacy error really was an interesting happening. When Sadie was born it wasn't any one's fault. It would have been nice to just have a doctor to blame or something, however it was just the results of some unfortunate circumstances. While we love Sadie thoroughly, we don't love her health. She got snake eyes on that one. In the over dose it was an entirely different feeling. There was a culpable individual who made a very bad mistake that really was the result of either shoddy work or simple stupidity. When we figured out what the dose should have been (by reading the prescription) we had an actual individual to rage against. While it felt good to simply flail and kick against an individuals error, in the end it does not benefit Sadie in any way to plot the destruction of the Pharmacy. An interesting time to introspect.

Pam (Traveling): Are you going to sue those bastards?
Sadie-Pops: We haven't decided at all. We do think they should pay for the hospital bills however we are unsure. We did consult with a friend who is a lawyer and he explained that our case is pretty cut and dry in that medical malpractice is a bad thing. That's actually why insurance is carried for medical personal. Malpractice here is pretty easy to prove.

Eric (Merced): How is she doing now?
Sadie-Pops: She's apparently decided that our week, while eventful, wasn't quite full enough. She's decided to pour buckets of drool from her mouth, continually nap for snatches of time only long enough to trick her parents into thinking she might actually be asleep, and cut no teeth. There is a lot of thrashing and moaning and complaining, but there are no results. I'm considering calling the dentist and asking if there is a surgery to help speed up this teething process. We get all the noise and awfulness of teeth - but no actual teeth.

Rachel (Eugene): How are the kitties?
Sadie-Pops: Fine. Wilson is cuddling up to Sadie when she's not flailing in protest over something. Barney will only come close enough that we can pet, but not Sadie. Sadie coos and woos at the kitties when she catches em out of the corner of her eye. She's certainly interested in them even if they aren't in her.

John (Queen Creek): Who wears the pants in your family?
Sadie-Pops: Sadie.

Mika (Roseville): What is Sadie's favorite song or singer?
Sadie-Pops: Not sure actually. She has stopped everything to catch bits of Simon and Garfunkle however she gets a regular earful of Raffi. I know all about Baby Beluga's and their play, but whether or not Sadie likes it...?

Christie (Phoenix): Have you considered trying to breast feed Sadie?
Sadie-Pops: No.

Christie (Phoenix): In some African tribes there is lore about glorious chieftans caring for an orphan child by allowing the baby to suck on his breast. He can even produce minute amounts of milk. The child can have its incredible desire to suck pacified by a simple act of unselfishness.
Sadie-Pops: It is a great thing we live in Phoenix and Sadie has a wonderful caring mother like yourself.

Mark (Santa Ana): What is the best part about being a father?
Sadie-Pops: Some questions are best left to poets and their muses. I am sometimes awaken from my stupor finding myself lost while looking into Sadie's face. Often times the highlight of my day is connecting eyes with her and having her break into a large grin. Knowing her in any way, one knows that she just doesn't smile unless there is specific stimulus given in order to exert a smile. Having her just smile at me, for being me, is pretty special.

I think the parental bond between child and parent is a metaphysical bond that is only accurately describable, understandable, knowable by someone who is a parent and loves their child as much as I love Sadie. I am not poet, and my muse is never to be seen, but I do know my feelings for Sadie - and right now this chat needs to finish as someone needs a kiss.


  1. all the rest was nice and sweet, the last wo paragraphs were a stab in the gut. God Bless you three, I love you and so wish I could make life easier for you... :)damn.

  2. Christie - trying to get Brian to breastfeed, so funny - i ALWAYS try to get hayden to at least let a baby try and latch on so he can see how it feels and he ALWAYS refuses. this thoroughly disappoints me.

    Brian - you are a very articulate writer - nicely said.

    (and i know my punctuation is incorrect, i choose to leave it that way and will plead ignorance)