Sunday, August 8, 2010

Generic Post

No Pictures. Not even an interesting story to make up for it. We made baba ghanoush but only documented the Egg Plant as whole, post grilled and then the finished product. We completely forgot the middle steps and considered inserting a Sienfeldian "yadda yadda yadda" into the recipe but that didn't seem fair considering someone, anyone, might actually be inspired to try baba ghanoush.

We only made it because it is the only productive portion of our garden at this point. Everything else burned up or is barely alive trying to survive until it cools down. We harvested 10 Egg Plants and needed a unique way to eat it.

A fun Sadie story, she has begun to realize when we are not in a room with her. This is an event that brings us mixed emtions. We really like the development, however the whimper cry when we're not with her (going to the bathroom, rummaging through the fridge, inspecting cat damage during their desperate ploys for attention, etc.) is a bit troublesome.

Coming up: Sadie has her lengthy EEG to determine whether or not she is having seizures. We suspect they do not exist.

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