Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Foods

We've officially embarked onto the world of first foods. My original desire would have been to use the baby-led weaning method, and I'm a little sad that we haven't been able to go that route, but it's really all about exploring and grabbing and baby sticking things in her own mouth. Sadie can't do those things yet. And who know how long until she will, so we instead have started with purees and a spoon.

When we saw Dr. Wendy last week I asked about solids and she mentioned that she thought it'd be okay to start stage one foods. She told me to watch for severe tongue thrusting (like not getting ANY down her throat) that doesn't seem to be correcting itself. This is a sign that she's not ready. And of course we had to really be careful of choking and watch for that since everybody is still hyper-paranoid about her swallowing. (HIE babies have swallowing issues, Sadie seems to have grown out of hers, but nobody is willing to accept that) Armed with what the doctor told us, a high chair, and some fresh pureed squash from the garden, we went for it!

Sadie did really well her first time. She didn't eat a lot, but that's to be expected. She was able to figure out how to use her tongue to swallow...after a few tries. And still most bites end up all over her face! She is pretty cute though when she eats. The next day, we tried again and she ate a LOT more that time. She's doing such a good job!

So, we continue with squash for the rest of the week, being careful not to introduce too many new things at once, just in case! Then maybe over the weekend we'll try bananas. There is conflicting advice as to whether to start with vegetables or fruits for worry that your baby will get hooked on the sweetness of fruits, but bananas seems like a great next try!

I'm working on making my own baby food and have gotten a book from the library all about it. It seems pretty easy, and since I'm cheap, it shouldn't be hard to do, especially as she grows into more sophisticated stuff. We have a food processor and a freezer, that seems to be all we need really. HERE WE GO!!!

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  1. My kids eats lots and lots of different things, but both started with bananas and then squash next. I think the key as they get more foods is give them variety! How exciting! Way to go Sadie!