Sunday, February 6, 2011

baby steps

Most parents note milestones in their child's life. At our house, the baby steps are milestones. I thought it'd be nice to note some of the things Sadie has achieved:

1-19-2010 Sadie was born

1-24-2010 we removed the breathing tube and Sadie breathed on her own

1-26-2010 Sadie came home

2-3-2010 Sadie breastfed for the first time

2-17-2010 Sadie no longer used the feeding tube

2-14-2010 Sadie started cooing

4-2010 Sadie graduated from hospice

5-6-2010 Sadie flew on a plane for the first time (to OR)

5-18-2010 Sadie started really smiling

I don't remember a lot of June and July because Sadie wasn't really sleeping...and neither were we

6-29-2010 Sadie took her second ride on an airplane to celebrate her cousin, Attilie's first birthday

8-2010 Sadie was declared seizure free

8-2010 Sadie started sleeping through the night (or at least not waking up for 2-4 hours in the middle of the night anymore)

8-2010 Sadie took her first roadtrip to CA and slept in a hotel

9-6-2010 Sadie started tolerating solid food and eating it regularly

9-19-2010 Sadie was done taking phenobarb

9-30-2010 Sadie had her first day with no crying (not even in the car)

10-15-2010 the bouncy chair broke

10-17-2010 Sadie got a new bouncy chair

10-18-2010 Sadie's first day without mama for 7 hours

10-29-2010 Sadie had her second day with no crying

12-3-2010 Sadie started sucking on the pacifier

12-9-2010 Sadie fell asleep for the first time sucking on the pacifier rather than nursing!!

12-13-2010 Sadie rode in a plane for the third time to spend Christmas with grandma

12-15-2010 Sadie got her first cold and made everyone miserable (and sick)

12-21-2010 Sadie got her ears pierced

12-30-2010 Sadie showed us she's able to drink from a sippy (sorta)

12-31-2010 Sadie spent New Year's Eve screaming

1-4-2011 Sadie met Zahira and fell in love

1-10-2011 Sadie spent her first day with Zahira

1-11-11 Sadie's first tooth cut through the gums

1-15-2011 Sadie had her first birthday party (and her second tooth cut through)

1-16-2011 Sadie watched her mama finish a half marathon

1-19-2011 Sadie celebrated her first birthday

1-23-2011 Sadie slept (with mama) in her own bedroom

1-26-2011 Sadie slept in her own bed in her own room all by herself all night!!

1-28-2011 Sadie got her hand in her mouth without any assistance

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