Monday, February 14, 2011


Sadie and I have been discussing wonderful places we'd like to be when we're in the midst of a cuddle moment. We recently discovered a magical place that only exists in the toughest of times when spirits need to be lifted.

Bounce-a-stan is a wonderful place where beds are made of arms that hug and play time is full of bouncy chairs that sing fun Raffy songs. There are dangle toys that make noise and are of simple contrasting colors that fascinate wonderful adventurers.

There are fruit trees all containing boobie fruit. There are lots of yummy flavors like prune, butternut squash, peach, and pear. The trees always sway in the wind just a little bit in order to make fascinating rustling noises that can entice tender babes.

The draw back of bounce-a-stan is the neighbor of scream-a-stan. Scream-a-stan is much lower in elevation than bounce-a-stan and if one is not careful, one can fall down into scream-a-stan with the slightest mishap. There are treaties between the two places, but relations aren't dynamic or friendly. Often times exchanges must be made in order to retrieve an errant citizen of bounce-a-stan.

Furious bounces, blanket swings, or impromptu outside sessions are required in order to appease the powers that be in scream-a-stan. Once their necessary demands have been met, there is an uphill climb back into bounce-a-stan. When the border has been crossed back into the superlative shire of bounce-a-stan, all is well again.

Sadie told me that she wanted to share the story of bounce-a-stan. It is too majestic to keep a secret.

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  1. Hahaha...I love this! You are awesome! Thank you Sadie for sharing :-)