Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 11

This week we signed the short sale acceptance papers for the house we want to buy. And I am so thankful that it's finally happening, because it seems like there are so many things that can go wrong when buying a house...especially when it's a short sale.

When we saw this house, it wasn't even on the market. We pushed our way into this house, not once, but twice. The tenant was confused and a little creeped out, and when Brian went without me she reluctantly let him video with his phone, but she didn't want us to take pictures when we came back. I've been in this house once, Brian's been there twice. That's it.

The reason this house wasn't on the market was because someone else had made an offer. But it wasn't moving very quickly, and the selling agent didn't seem very competent, so we didn't have a lot of hope. And Brian convinced me to throw all our apples into this one basket, and that scared me because I didn't have a lot of hope. Nobody did.

But all of the sudden the other offer fell through, our offer was accepted and things moved along quickly.

Now we have a close date of Nov 23.

And I am so thankful that we have been blessed with this house. It's big enough to grow into. It doesn't need a ton of repairs. And it has no pool (which Brian is really excited about). I'm mostly excited that there are enough rooms for me to have my own office/craft room.

Let me repeat that; my OWN office/craft room!

We will get to walk through again with the inspector on Monday, and I will get to take pictures. We have started thinking about furniture and packing and hiring movers. Hopefully now we can get moved in and settled so that we can start the new year with a new life in our dream home.

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