Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 8

I have the best job in the world. There are not many part time teaching jobs around. Usually they want you to be in the classroom all day, every day of the week. But I work at an online school, and we don't teach in a classroom. So, working part time just means I am given fewer classes/students as my responsibility.

Today I am thankful for my job. It allows me to stay home and be a mom, but I am still able to do what I love...teach. And working part time makes it even better because now I feel like I have time for Sadie's therapies and doctor appointments. My schedule is truly flexible.

I also work with a great group of people. Sometimes it's sad that we don't get to see each other everyday, but honestly, I think if we did we wouldn't get any work done!! Every other month, we get together for professional development. I look forward to these days (even though we sit in a meeting all day) because I get to be around adults, I get to laugh with my friends, and I get to see their smiling faces.

Many of the people I work with live on the other side of town, closer to where we are moving. I hope that after we move I'll be able to see them more. In fact, it might even be fun to all get together and work in the same room once in a while...but I'm not sure we'd actually get any work done.

Working in an online school is really a blessing and I am so lucky to have this job.

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