Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 13

This morning I am thankful for the weather. As you can imagine, it doesn't rain very often here in Phoenix. But this morning I woke up to the sound of dripping and when I opened the blinds, it didn't really make it any lighter, and I smiled a big huge smile. I love this weather. It reminds me of home.

The University of Oregon didn't choose the ducks to be their mascot because it's a cute feathery's duck weather. And I am a duck at heart. I remember waiting for my ride before school in the morning sitting on the heater vent and eating my cereal. And sleeping with lots of heavy blankets on the bed. It's those mornings that you don't want to leave the comfy coziness of that bed. I love the cold weather. I love to wear sweaters and hats and coats. I love corduroy pants (for some reason I associate them with winter) and I love warm socks and shoes.

So why do I live in Arizona???

Because my husband doesn't love cold weather. All he did this morning was complain about how he didn't want to get out of bed, about how it was wet outside so we couldn't go for a walk (we did anyway), and about how much he missed summer. He's silly.

And I'd rather be hot and sweaty because it's 110 degrees outside than live with someone who just complains all the time.

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