Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 6

Today I'm thankful for where I live.

We usually go on vacation in the summer (because I'm a teacher) and whenever we meet strangers and tell them where we're from, it's inevitable that they say, "wow, how hot is it there now?" Sometimes it's kind of fun to shock them and tell them that it was 116 the day we left. But the conversation always comes back to that it's beautiful in the winter.

The weather is forecast to be in the 60s for the next few days. It's beautiful. And it's November.

Arizona has it's quirks. I mean, motorcycles with no helmets??? Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his tent city??? Immigration policy??? Every now and then I even see someone on a horse riding along side the street. This place really is the wild wild west.

But it's beautiful this time of year. And I'm thankful that I get to enjoy it.

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